A head of thick, healthy hair has always been an important factor in looking good, for men and women alike. While many artificial hair growing products and supplements exist to help achieve this, it can also be done completely naturally.

Lots of Factors

First, it’s important to look at what makes hair grow. It’s a number of factors, some of which can be controlled and some of which can’t. Genetics are a big factor, which is great news for some and not so good for others. There’s not a whole lot you can do to overcome your genes, but if you take the right steps in other areas it might not be a big problem.

Your health is also important, and being in good shape will generally result in more attractive looking hair. Another thing to be mindful of is diet, which can have a massive influence on how your hair looks, and how well it grows.

So what can you do to ensure you stay on top of your hair health?

Eat a Healthy Diet

It’s always important to have a healthy diet, and being diligent in this area will pay dividends not just for your hair but for every area of your life.

A hair-friendly diet looks much like any other healthy, balanced diet, with a good mix of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. Think lots of fruit, vegetables, eggs, oats, and whole grains to get as varied a mix of vitamins as possible. Vitamin B-Complex is especially important when it comes to hair.

Keratin, the protein that contributes to hair growth, is present in lots of foods like fish, eggs, and avocados. You’d probably need to eat a LOT of them to see a noticeable difference, but it can’t hurt to throw some into your diet, and they’re healthy anyway.

Get Herbal

Herbs come in many shapes and sizes, with many different properties, and some of them are surprisingly good for your hair.

Rosemary is particularly well-known for its hair-loving properties, as it increases blood flow in the scalp and stimulates the follicles. You can add drops of rosemary oil to your shampoo or use it to make a healthy solution to massage your hair.

Other helpful herbs include catnip, burdock, and sage. You can soak the herbs in hot water and rinse your hair with it after shampooing, which will contribute to stronger and healthier locks. Plenty of hair growth products will come readily infused with a selection of herbs. 

Use an Egg Mask

As mentioned above, eating eggs can be a great source of the proteins and vitamins you need for healthier hair. However, it’s not the only way to get your fix. Making an egg mask is a great way to strengthen and rejuvenate your hair.

They’re pretty simple to make, too - just stick two eggs into a bowl with two tablespoons of olive oil and mix it all together. Then apply it to your hair for about 20 minutes. You could also replace one of the eggs with a cup of milk and some lemon juice. It may seem strange, but eggs are one of the best products for hair growth. 

Invert Yourself

This one may seem a little crazy, but the reasoning behind it makes sense and it's one of the best natural hair growth remedies. You simply hang your head upside down for around 5 minutes each day. The blood flow to your scalp should stimulate the follicles, leading to improved growth and healthier hair.

Best of all, it can be done almost anywhere and requires no additional ingredients or supplements. It might be best to avoid in public, however… 

Castor Oil

No guide for hair growth products would be complete without a mention for castor oil. It’s rich in vitamin E, along with amino acids that help to keep the scalp healthy and the follicles free of dead skin. This makes it easier for hair to grow and improves general health. It also has antibacterial properties to help prevent scalp infections.

To use, it’s best to combine it with another oil (such as olive oil) and massage it into the hair and scalp. Leave it for about an hour for best results.

Fish Oils

Fish oils are among the best natural hair growing products out there. They're full of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which help build the density of your hair and just make it more healthy and lustrous overall. Fish such as salmon, herring, and lake trout are all good, and will contribute to a healthy, long, and resilient head of hair if taken only a few times a week. Plus, there are a ton of other health benefits.