When the sciatic nerve is irritated or compressed due to a slipped disc or bones deformed by arthritis, pain known as sciatica results. This pain, when it arises, is felt down the leg's outside and in the buttock. With treatments like those listed below, you can diminish the pressure and inflammation, although you should keep in mind that it could take six weeks for the pain to go completely.


This natural anti-inflammatory remedy contains curcumin, a compound that can assist in reducing pain and inflammation affecting the nerve. You could prepare the turmeric by adding a tablespoonful of it to a cup of milk, boiling this solution, sweetening it by adding honey, and then drinking the result once or twice a day. Nonetheless, gallstones sufferers should avoid turmeric, which might also be ill-advised for people taking diabetes medications or blood thinners.

Capsaicin cream

Capsaicin, an active ingredient in cayenne pepper, can naturally relieve pain by depleting levels of substance P. This is a neurotransmitter responsible for transporting pain signals. You can make effective use of capsaicin by applying to the affected area a cream or ointment including 0.025% to 0.075% capsaicin. Apply like this up to four times daily over a period of at least a week. However, you should avoid applying the ointment or cream to broken skin.


Sciatica pain can also be reduced with the use of massage therapy, which could ease the body's healing process - particularly if the sciatica had originally resulted from a muscle spasm. You could, as you massage the problem area twice or thrice daily, apply St. John's wort. For this purpose, St. John's wort has useful anti-inflammatory properties.

Fenugreek seeds

These can be used to prepare a poultice that, due to having anti-inflammatory benefits, can assist in reducing sciatica pain. To make this poultice, you need to first put a handful of fenugreek seeds through a grinder before boiling the resulting powder with sufficient milk to produce a mushy paste. Use this as a poultice by putting it on the painful area. Leave it there over the next few hours and then rinse it off. This whole process should be repeated daily until the pain fades.

Valerian root

The herb of valerian root can relax you while relieving chronic nerve pain - especially if a muscle spasm is at fault for the sciatica. Thrice a day over a period of a few weeks, you can take - though not before consulting your doctor - a supplement comprising 150mg of valerian root. Your muscles can become more relaxed with help from the volatile oils that valerian root contains.


It has been theorized that by stimulating particular acupuncture points, you can also stimulate the nervous system and in the process, promote the release of useful chemicals. These chemicals, the theory continues, could boost your sense of well-being or alter how you perceive the anguish. However acupuncture works, it simply does for relieving sciatica pain and relaxing muscles.

Spinal manipulation

Are you considering surgery? Chiropractic spinal manipulation might be a good alternative. The practice, different techniques of which deliver short and rapid thrusts, has been found to benefit many sciatica sufferers as much as surgery would have done. Those thrusts tackle nerve irritability and as a result, reduce sciatica-associated symptoms such as inflammation. However, for proper treatment, you should turn to a doctor of chiropractic medicine.

Ice packs

It's possible to instantly relieve sciatica through the application of ice packs. A towel-wrapped package of frozen peas will suffice if you don't have an ice pack. Put the pack - or package - on the sciatica-affected area for 20 minutes. Every two hours, repeat that process until the pain vanishes. It's an ‘ice’ effect that will leave you cold in the right way.

Epsom salt bath

Spending about 15-20 minutes soaking in a bath, where two cups of Epsom salt have been added to the hot water, can do wonders for your body. It can detoxify your body, lower inflammation, and relax your nervous system. Epsom salts should be available from your local drug store.


You might want to say goodbye to those late-night Netflix binging sessions. Your nerves can be rebuilt and strengthened more easily when you give your body more sleep. However, a lot of rest can help too, so maybe you should save all of that Netflix watching for earlier in the day.
Many people suffering from sciatica pain have reported feeling much better after utilizing techniques like those listed above. However, there might still be occasions when only surgery will completely banish sciatica pain. Such an occasion could be especially evident if the pain and symptoms have remained beyond a few weeks; a dislocated vertebrae or another condition could be to blame. You therefore shouldn’t hesitate to go and see a doctor to get their opinion.